Paperless Campaign Finance Disclosure Suite

The Industry Exclusive Paperless E-Filing Solution for City and County Agencies

With NetFile’s Industry Exclusive Paperless Campaign Finance Disclosure Suite of applications, you can easily turn your local City or County agency into your own paperless e-filing system for local Campaign Disclosure filers! No IT involvement required because NetFile hosts the system on its own secure servers.

There are 3 main parts to the system:

Administration Application

Search for documents screen

The Campaign Finance Administration Application helps the local government agency administer the numerous tasks revolving around working with committees. The system automates many of the current manual tasks. Automatic redaction of filings instantly posted to the public viewing portal, automatic letter generation, and elimination of almost all technical filer errors causing amendments to be sent out are just a few of the advantages to the agency.

There are two basic levels for validation for an electronic filing. The first is when the filer fills out the form online. The second (after passing the first) occurs when the electronic filing is sent to a validation server. Filers can choose to use the free e-filer application or their own 3rd party disclosure software*. Your agency can choose which method of electronic signature validation works for your agency. Contact us at (209) 742-4100 or for more information.

Notifications are sent to the administrator when an electronic filing is made. Pre-notification letters, amendment letters, late filing notices, and fine notices can be generated automatically by the system. The system also tracks committees who do not e-file. Committees not required to e-file can be kept in the system instead of manually logging their data in a spreadsheet (for recordkeeping). That way the system manages them for late filings and amendment and fine notices where applicable. These paper filings can also be uploaded to be viewed in either the public viewing portal, private viewing portal (kiosk), or both!

The Campaign Finance Administration Application has numerous built in reports available for tracking committees’ data. Custom reports can be added via agency request.

* - Supports Secretary of State approved 3rd party disclosure software.
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Industry Exclusive Paperless E-Filer Application

Enter Data screen

The Industry Exclusive Paperless Campaign Finance E-Filer Application is an online professional disclosure application geared for the local filer. Local filers use this online system free of charge and log in via a secure web portal with their own filer id and password. The filers can enter their data as they go or all at once. This easy to use intuitive system is fully loaded with online documentation to answer any questions raised by the filer. A link from the local government website starts the process. The filer doesn’t even know they left your system!

Our servers ensure fast and efficient filings. When the filer fills out a form online (for example the FPPC 460), they can view the filing in draft form before they pull the trigger on the e-filing. Once they are happy with their draft statement, they easily submit the filing electronically. The filer is then notified that the filing has been accepted or rejected. If accepted, the filing is immediately posted in redacted form to the public viewing site. No more media phone calls asking where a committee’s filing is! If you enacted paperless filing in your jurisdiction the filer is done! No need to print or submit any paper copies. NetFile is the only vendor that gives you the ability to truly go green with your Campaign Disclosure filings.

Because the CAL format required by the Secretary of State is being used, a filer doesn’t have to use the free e-filing software. They could use any Secretary of State approved Campaign Disclosure software to create their filing. All the filer would have to do is upload their electronic file created from the 3rd party software to make their filing.

E-filings can also be amended by the committee simply by choosing the electronic filing they want to amend. The amendment goes through the same validation process as the original and when filed successfully it instantly posts in redacted form to the public viewing site.
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Public & Private Viewing Portals

Public Portal search screen
Public Viewing

The public viewing portal allows the general public to view filing activity online any time night or day. These filings can be either paper filed documents or electronically filed documents or both. If the filing is paper filed, the City or County government admin person can choose whether or not to redact and upload the paper filed document. If the choice is not to redact and upload the filing, the public viewing site will still show the filing occurred but will instruct the user to come to the local filing office to view the filing. If the filing is manually redacted and uploaded, the public will see that filing online.

If the filing was electronically filed, the City or County government does not need to redact and upload. The system does that automatically and the document is viewable by the public as soon as it is filed! No more media complaints that filings haven’t been posted.

Filings can be searched numerous ways. They can be searched via election cycle, by filer name, or by committee name. An advanced search feature is also included that allows electronically filed data to be searched across filings. You want to see who “John Doe” contributed to? Just enter “Doe” in the advanced search area and tell the system to look for contributors. You will see a list of all committees “John Doe” contributed to. This can be done for many different types of activities for both contributions as well as expenditures.

Private Viewing - Kiosk Mode

The private viewing portal (Kiosk Mode) allows the City or County client the ability to place one of their own computers in a public viewing area. The purpose would be to give the public who come into your office the ability to search an non-redacted filing without having to use expensive staff time to find, copy, and re-file statements. The agency owned computer could be set up to print behind the counter in case the interested person wanted to leave with a paper copy of the filing. All staff has to do is charge the per copy fee. That’s it, nothing else to do!

The kiosk computer would be tied down via secure certificates so only the computer (or computers) the agency chooses has the ability to view Kiosk Mode.
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