Data Protection & Privacy

Data Protection

With software running on a stand-alone PC or server, your data is only as safe as your backup procedures and/or redundant systems in place. Systems ultimately fail over time. Without adequate protection of your data, valuable information can be irretrievably lost forever.

Hosting software on your own servers invites another avenue where hackers can try to penetrate your defenses. If the software you put on your servers isn’t up to date with the most modern security patches, it is only a matter of time before your system is breached.

NetFile offers solutions on both counts. Starting with state of the art, multiple points of redundancy, as well as nightly off-site storage of data, your information is kept safe and secure.

No need to worry about security breaches to your server because NetFile hosts the e-filing platform on its own servers. NetFile constantly updates its defenses to prevent attacks. Also, being that the data NetFile hosts is ultimately meant for public consumption makes NetFile an extremely low value target for hackers. No critical information (like credit card numbers, banking, or social security information) is stored in NetFile’s database which again makes it an extremely low value target.


NetFile is contractually obligated to keep your information private. No data is disclosed or changed without the client's expressed written permission. NetFile’s livelihood is based on keeping your data safe, private, and secure!