Local Lobbyist Filing Suite

Custom E-Filing Systems

NetFile’s Campaign E-Filing and Administration has the ability to add paper filed Lobbyist statements to be viewed on its Public Viewing portal. In this scenario, filings are uploaded to the admin system tied to Lobbyist filers for viewing externally, internally, or both. There are no additional fees added to the Campaign system to utilize this feature.

An alternative to the above is a custom-programmed e-filing system that is based on your ordinance and forms. There are a couple of types of systems to choose from. The first option would be where filings are created in a customized filer application for viewing in redacted form over a public viewing portal. The second option would be a completely electronic filing system where data is displayed entirely on the public site without any rendering to a paper form.

The cost for a custom-programmed Lobbyist e-filing system is based on system requirements. Contact NetFile sales for a quote.