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Searches for filed statements can be made by document description, date filed and form type.

Searches are case-insensitive. Searching for 'Stadium' would match all descriptions with the word 'stadium' in it. A good rule of thumb is to enter only a small part of a description at first, then repeat with a longer portion of the description to reduce the number of matching results.

Activity/Payment/Post Date

By default, only reports with activity dated within the current year are displayed in the search results.

Filing DateActivity/Payment/Post DateFormAgency Head or DesigneeDescriptionView
1/25/20161/23/2016Form 802Mohondro, BarbaraD8_ticketandparking-MosterJam-MAAC View PDF
1/15/201612/18/2015Form 803Faulconer, Kevin Lee12-18-15_1-12-16_MayorFaulconer_1SanDiego Please see attachment for additional dates and information.View PDF
1/19/201612/20/2015Form 802Mohondro, Barbara12-20-15_CD_9_SDChargersGameView PDF
1/11/20161/4/2016Form 806Maland, Elizabeth2016 Appointments to Outside OrganizationsView PDF
1/7/201612/11/2015Form 806Maland, Elizabeth2016 Proposed Appointments to Outside Organizations - AmendedView PDF