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Searches for filed statements can be made by document description, date of payment (Forms 801 or 803), date of activity (Form 802), or date posted (Form 806).

Searches are case-insensitive. Searching for 'Stadium' would match all descriptions with the word 'stadium' in it. A good rule of thumb is to enter only a small part of a description at first, then repeat with a longer portion of the description to reduce the number of matching results.

Activity/Payment/Post Date

By default, only reports with activity dated within the current year are displayed in the search results.

Filing DateActivity/Payment/Post DateFormAgency Head or DesigneeDescriptionView
5/15/20155/24/2015Form 802Don, Allison5-24-15-_CD_8_RollingStonesConcertView PDF
5/13/20155/14/2015Form 802Don, Allison5-14-15_CD_4_SDPadresView PDF
5/11/20155/16/2015Form 802Don, Allison5-16-15_CD_9_SDPadresView PDF
5/6/20154/6/2015Form 803Faulconer, Kevin LeeMultiple contributions made to 1 San Diego on 4/6/2015, see page 2 for details.View PDF
5/5/20155/17/2015Form 802Don, Allison5-17-15_CD_4_SDPadresView PDF
5/4/20153/24/2015Form 801Hamrick, Jamie Mataldijamiehamrick_4-29-2015View PDF
4/24/20154/24/2015Form 802Hoover, Janie Marie4-25-15_CD9_SDPadresView PDF
4/24/20154/12/2015Form 802Hoover, Janie Marie4-12-15_CD_9_SDPadresView PDF
4/24/20154/25/2015Form 802Hoover, Janie Marie4-25-2015_CD_9_SDPadresView PDF
4/24/20154/10/2015Form 802Hoover, Janie Marie4-10-15_CD_9_SDPadresView PDF
4/24/20154/24/2015Form 802Hoover, Janie Marie4-24-15_CD_4_SDPadresView PDF
4/24/20154/25/2015Form 802Hoover, Janie Marie4-25-15_CD_9_SDPadresView PDF
4/24/20154/24/2015Form 802Hoover, Janie Marie4-25-15_CD_9_SDPadresGameView PDF
4/24/20154/26/2015Form 802Hoover, Janie Marie4-26-15_CD_4_SDPadresView PDF
4/9/20154/9/2015Form 802Hoover, Janie Marie4-9-15_CD_4_SDPadresGameView PDF
4/8/20154/14/2015Form 802Hoover, Janie Marie4-14-15_CD_2_SDPadresGameView PDF
4/8/20154/11/2015Form 802Hoover, Janie Marie4-11-15-_CD_4_SDPadresGameView PDF
4/8/20154/24/2015Form 802Hoover, Janie Marie4-24-15_CD_8_SDPadresGameView PDF
4/8/20154/13/2015Form 802Hoover, Janie Marie4-13-15_CD_4_SDPadresGameView PDF
3/27/20152/27/2015Form 803Faulconer, Kevin LeeMultiple contributions made to 1 San Diego from 2/27/15 - 3/24/15, see page 2 for detailsView PDF
3/5/20152/9/2015Form 803Faulconer, Kevin LeeMultiple contributions made to 1 San Diego from 2/9/15 - 3/2/15, see page 2 for detailsView PDF
1/16/201512/23/2014Form 802Jurado-Sainz, Diana E.CD9_1ticket_BowlGame_ContrerasView PDF
1/16/201512/23/2014Form 802Jurado-Sainz, Diana E.CD9 - 1 ticket_Game_YzaguirroView PDF
1/16/201512/23/2014Form 802Jurado-Sainz, Diana E.CD9_1ticket_BowlGame_FelkinsView PDF
1/16/201512/23/2014Form 802Jurado-Sainz, Diana E.CD9_1ticket_bowlgame_monroeView PDF
1/16/201512/23/2014Form 802Jurado-Sainz, Diana E.CD9_1ticket_BowlGame_WorkmanView PDF
1/16/201512/23/2014Form 802Jurado-Sainz, Diana E.CD9_1Ticket_BowlGame_DuranView PDF
1/16/201512/23/2014Form 802Jurado-Sainz, Diana E.CD9_1ticket_bowlgame_hallView PDF
1/16/201512/23/2014Form 802Jurado-Sainz, Diana E.CD9_1Ticket_BowlGame_LizarragaView PDF
1/16/201512/23/2014Form 802Jurado-Sainz, Diana E.CD9_1ticket_Bowl_Game_monteleoneView PDF
1/14/201512/27/2014Form 802Hoover, Janie MarieD3_1 ticket-Holiday Bowl-Jess DurphyView PDF
1/14/201512/27/2014Form 802Hoover, Janie MarieD3_4 tickets-Holiday Bowl-SDPDView PDF
1/12/20151/17/2015Form 802Hoover, Janie MarieCD4_1ticket_MonsterJame_PetcoParkView PDF